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Learn about why we consider Harcourts to be such a vibrant brand in the "The plan for your future. With us." brochure and why we believe working for Harcourts is so important. 

You may not be ready to apply for a position as a Real Estate Agent but if you have thought about the possibility of ever entering an industry that truly rewards aptitude and effort, here is a suggestion: Talk to Harcourts Aqua Principal Steve von der Borch.

Steve is an agent with nearly 30 years’ experience commencing his Real Estate sales career in 1984. This includes 19 of those years as an Auctioneer and as President of the Real Estate Salespersons Association.

He has a proven track record as a highly successful Salesperson and has continued that standard as a Business Owner. Steve is recognised as a leader in training and mentoring new people into successful Real Estate careers and he can and will empower you with the sort of knowledge that will demystify the business and provide you with purpose and direction.

Naturally he is highly interested in the aspirations if people who are considering Real Estate as their career. He recognises that the news top Salesperson is undiscovered and could come from any background. "I'm looking for people who share our values, have a strong work ethic, the desire to learn and to always strive for continual improvement" says Steve. "Money is important for comfort and reward but it comes naturally in this business by placing 'doing the right thing' before it. I want to work alongside and help people who think like me."

His empathy for you and his awareness of the challenges and opportunities involved in entering a career as a Real Estate Agent is second to none. He will provide you with a great understanding of the business and also help you determine if you have what it takes to be a success.

If you feel like a casual but purposeful chat, simply pick up the phone and call Harcourts Aqua on 08 8449 3300 or fill out the contact form below and invest in your future by spending 45 minutes one on one with our Principal Steve von der Borch. .


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